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Lincoln County is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE) and will grant a preference to employment of veterans of the U.S. Armed Services in accord with provisions of Idaho Code § 65-503 or its successor.  In the event of equal qualifications for an available position, a veteran or family member who qualifies for preference pursuant to Idaho Code § 65-503 or its successor will be employed.


Lincoln County has a Full time Position:

University of Idaho Administrative Assistant to the Extension Educator and 4-H Coordinator.

Report To: County Chair, Lincoln County Extension Office
37.5 hours per week, Clerical, Office Management Experience
Application and Job description are available at the Extension Office and Clerk’s office.

EOE, Veterans preference
Submit applications to the Community Building Extension office at 201 S. Beverly St. or 111 W. B Street Ste. C, Shoshone
(208) 886-2406 Extension Office

The Deadline to apply for this position ends June 28, 2015.





No job openings at this time but we always accept applications for
Patrol Deputies and Reserve Patrol Deputies.

·         Applicant must meet POST requirements and be certified or willing/able to be POST Certified.

·         Salary is based on experience and includes benefits.

·         Shifts are 12-hour shifts and are on a rotating schedule.

·         Duties will include but are not limited to:

  •  Patrols County for the purpose of observing the area for possible criminal activity or other conditions that could endanger public safety; investigates complaints; enforces laws; and maintains high visibility.
  •  Investigates and reports accidents.
  •  Investigates crimes.
  •  Interviews witnesses, complainants, and victims; gathers physical evidence and preserves for court; conducts follow-up investigations as needed.
  •  Enforces all felony and misdemeanor laws of Idaho.
  • Apprehends, arrests, and detains criminal suspects and law violators when necessary; follows proper procedures when making arrests.
  • Serves warrants, summonses, subpoenas, civil and other official papers.
  • Serves as witness in court and provides evidence in court as required.
  • Responds to emergency calls.
  • Records information concerning events that took place during tour of duty; records such activity in the manner as prescribed by the department.
  • Maintains weapons and equipment in functional and presentable condition.
  • Works under stressful, high risk conditions.
  • Makes decisions at the crime scenes which may be centered around life or death situations; bases decisions on the safest procedures to be followed to ensure safety to individuals involved and fellow officers/members of rescue team.
  • Performs special projects as directed by the Sheriff.
  • Attends shift meetings, seminars, and training sessions as required to remain knowledgeable of operations and promote job performance.
  • Attends required periodic training sessions and seminars.
  • Participates in required physical fitness activities.
  • Maintains required level of proficiency in the use of firearms and evasive action/driving skills.


For a detailed list of responsibilities or to request a LAW ENFORCEMENT job application,
contact Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office:  Sheriff Kevin Ellis, 208-886-2250.

111 West B Street
Shoshone, ID  83352
Phone (208) 886-7641 Fax (208) 886-2798

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